MJOPTC MJ880801 Driving recorder lens with EFL4.2 F1.8 1/3 sensor

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Automobiles have a history of more than 100 years, and technology will always lead the development of history. To give some simple examples, more powerful engines allow cars to run faster, the emergence of seat belts has saved a lot of lives, on-board air-conditioning keeps the car warm in winter and cool in summer, and on-board entertainment systems make long-distance driving no longer boring. In short, automobile technology plays a vital role in the popularization of automobiles and the improvement of human life. Nowadays, consumers pay more attention to the quality and cost-effectiveness of the vehicle when buying a car, but it is actually beneficial to pay attention to the latest configuration of the car. At least it can let you understand the level of the current car development, and the new technology provides What kind of life


Definition of orbit deviation warning

Track deviation warning is to monitor the distance between the vehicle body and the road markings with the camera lens behind the rear mirror inside the car. Once it is determined that the driving route is different, the display screen of the driving recorder will remind the driver and give an audible warning. Warn the driver. This will allow the driver to take immediate action and return to the original lane.

Application range of track deviation warning

For the prevention of car accidents caused by the driver’s brief distraction, this function can detect that the vehicle is driving on a highway or a two-lane highway at a certain speed. When the vehicle crosses the road sign (indicated by the white lane), it can remind the driver, When the vehicle drifts abnormally, a warning sound will be issued immediately. This will allow the driver to take immediate action and return to the original lane. This user-friendly technology makes driving safer for car owners.

Applicability of track deviation warning

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