MJOPTC 1/2.8″ F1.6 EFL1.2 MJ8806 360 panoramic camera lens

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1.360 panoramic camera lens MJ8806

2.8MP focal length:1.2 F/NO.:1.6 TTL:14.7 FOV:205° Size:1/2.8”,1/2.9”,1/3”,1/3.2”,1/3.6”1/4”

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Applicable to: CCTV LENS car driving recorder reversing image access control system smart home car lend panoramic 360 degree panoramic 360 camera.

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Panoramic lens series, super wide-angle 210 degrees, car 360-degree panoramic surround, to achieve high-definition 3M-8M pixels. Leading in-vehicle high-definition picture quality, to achieve safe driving without dead ends. We have all the specifications you want. Email consultation is welcome, thank you very much!

Application of our products

The panoramic lens adopts a super wide-angle lens, which uses four splicing technology when applied to vehicle panoramic view, and uses one for non-vehicle projects, which has a wide range of uses.

Car panoramic camera is generally taken by both side rearview mirror cameras, front and rear cameras at the same time. The captured images are processed by the host and converted into image signals, and then transmitted to the on-board display to form a virtual real-time bird's-eye view. The viewing angle is wider than ordinary cameras, and the range of viewing is wider, which solves the problem of blind areas of vision. In addition, it also has a good night vision function, and it is safer to park and reverse at night.

In addition to high brightness, this lens of ours has a pixel level of more than 8M, which is very good when used in the 4K field.

Panoramic image parking assist system

The panoramic parking assist system consists of four ultra-wide-angle fisheye cameras installed on the front, rear, left, and right of the vehicle body, and simultaneously collects images around the vehicle. After the image processing unit distortion restoration → angle of view conversion → image stitching → image enhancement, it finally forms a picture around the vehicle A seamless 360-degree panoramic top view. While displaying the panoramic image, it can also display a single view of either side, and accurately locate the position and distance of the obstacle in line with the ruler line.

Panoramic image parking assist system: also known as "car surround view system", also known as "360-degree panoramic visual parking system", is to watch the surrounding camera images through the vehicle display screen during the parking process to help the driver understand the blind spots around the vehicle , Making parking more intuitive and convenient.

Market application

The 2011 Qashqai adopts Japanese nissan technology AVM (Around View Monitor) technology. This technology is also applied in other models such as Infiniti FX35. This function has actually been used on Infiniti models in 2007, and many high-end imported SUV models have been equipped with this system in the top-of-the-line models. Such as: BMW X series, Land Rover, Overbearing, are only realized on high-end models.

AVM (Around View Monitor) technology is a set of practical surround view detection system developed by Nissan Motor. This system uses a display screen installed on the dashboard to display the top view of the vehicle, which can completely eliminate the blind spots of the vehicle. Of course, its greatest function is to assist the driver in parking. The AVM system collects data by 4 wide-angle cameras installed on the front grille, left and right side door mirrors and tailgate of the vehicle, and then uses image processing technology to synthesize it into a complete picture and reflect it on the display in the cab. You can adjust the angle of kneading and inverting the library through the instructions on the screen.

New Qashqai's newly upgraded configuration "Panoramic Video Parking Assist System". Three sets of reversing cameras have been added to the rearview mirror and rear of the 2011 Qashqai to form an advanced panoramic image parking assist system. The system captures real-time scenes through cameras distributed under the front air intake grille, left and right rearview mirrors, and on the rear license plate frame, and finally displayed on the screen through software synthesis, giving a clear view of the surroundings of the vehicle body.

According to the estimates of relevant agencies, the global market for automotive cameras reached US$1.833 billion in 2015, and the domestic automotive camera production capacity was 25 million. The compound annual growth rate of the industry from 2015 to 2020 exceeded 30%. The autonomous driving technology is expected to mature in 2020. The space is expected to be further enlarged.


Our Team

As the world's leading machine vision service provider manufacturer, we have a group of highly qualified management personnel, R&D personnel, software application engineers, imaging engineers, sales engineers and a complete & highly efficient after-sales service system. 80% of employees have bachelor degrees or above, some of them have even acquired postgraduate and doctoral degrees. So far, we have established long-term scientific research cooperation relationships with major universities.

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