MJOPTC 1/2.9″EFL1.3 F2.3 MJ8802 360 degree panoramic car lens

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The panoramic lens you need, 360 lens for car, panoramic camera.
It is applied to car panoramic 360-degree images and teaching video surveillance.
We have all the specifications you want. Welcome to consult
We will provide a more suitable lens according to the sensor you match
We support development and customization, all specifications are available~


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Smart home products, such as security monitoring, APP Wifi cameras, IP cameras, smart digital access control, video doorbells, sweeping robots, lawn mowers, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.; digital products, such as sports DV, aerial photography, panoramic cameras, law enforcement recorders , AR/VR, etc.


What is a car panoramic image system ?

Vehicle-mounted cameras play an important role in realizing ADAS and autonomous driving, and automotive panoramic imaging systems composed of vehicle-mounted cameras can greatly improve the safety and convenience of driving. Panoramic imaging system can also be called 360°panoramic imaging system in Chinese, or MVCS (MulTI-View Camera System) for short. The panoramic surround view system provides car drivers with more intuitive driving assistance image information, which can quickly and accurately find situations that are difficult to observe near the vehicle, and achieve precise driving control, especially for novice drivers, which can improve driving safety and Reduce unnecessary scratches.

The panoramic image system forms a bird's-eye view through splicing. While displaying the panoramic view, it can also display a single view of either side, and accurately locate the location and distance of obstacles in line with the ruler line. ADAS assists safe driving by controlling the body camera to collect the surrounding area of the vehicle, while the panoramic camera system controls the body camera to collect the surrounding influence of the vehicle for safe parking. The two systems operate independently, throughout the driving process.

The perspective of the panoramic system will dynamically move according to the driving trajectory, providing a 360-degree picture around the vehicle. Generally, cost-effective links such as LVDS or Fast Ethernet are used to deploy 4 to 5 high dynamic range (HDR) 1 million pixel cameras. Video compression is generally used to reduce the required communication bandwidth and reduce wiring requirements (for example, unshielded twisted pair or coaxial cable can be used). Other system requirements include a multi-port LVDS or Ethernet switch, a power supply, an integrated DRAM for quick access to external memory, and an embedded flash memory to reduce system costs.

360 degree panoramic camera

The 360-degree panoramic camera can monitor the area of about 400 square meters without blind spots. It is equipped with a fisheye lens and a camera with a 360-degree panoramic view. One 360-degree panoramic camera can replace multiple ordinary cameras, achieve seamless monitoring, and realize new monitoring applications, which are used in various fields, including prisons, government agencies, banks, social security, public places, cultural places, etc. .

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